Internet Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners

Marketing Tactics for Business Owners

Internet marketing is a great and vital tool for any small business owner to utilize. In 2016, if your business isn’t online, you don’t really exist. In order to change this, try using all three of these smart internet marketing tactics. 

1. Email Marketing

If you listen closely to many of the successful online entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you that the money is in the list. Email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing tactic because people have literally given you permission to send them whatever you have to sell. On top of that, many people routinely check their inbox on a continual basis throughout the day. This is a great way to remain visible to the person who doesn’t have social media pages as well. The people that are found within your email list can be considered your tribe. With other marketing tactics, it’s easy for some marketers to feel apprehensive about sharing because they don’t know if people will feel like their content is overbearing. This issue goes out the window with email marketing because if they’ve opted into your email list, you’re well aware that they want to see what you have to offer them. 

Email marketing is also very effective because it’s easy to measure. Usually, there are analytics that come with any email marketing server you choose to use. The analytics will help you see what time of day to send emails for a higher open-rate. It’ll show you the demographics of the people in your list. It’ll do everything possible to make sure you can make a high number of sales. As long as the copywriting in your emails is solid, it’ll be easy to grow your brand and make sales through email marketing. 

2. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a highly effective way for small business owners to reach people because it helps to build a relationship. When you create content online, you can do it through a few mediums. There are three pretty common mediums to choose. 

The first way to do content marketing involves audio content. You can choose to create a podcast and share information on a consistent basis. For example, if the small business is a psychotherapy practice, the owner might want to consider starting a psychotherapy podcast and share helpful advice on a bi-weekly basis. This can enhance their credibility and attract people to the practice. 

Another content marketing medium involves blogging. Creating written content with the proper search engine optimization will help your website get higher in Google’s rankings. In order to see success with this, it’s important to blog consistently. Make sure that each blog you post is closely tied to the products you’re selling in some way. For example, an owner of a tea company might want to write a post about how their reader can unwind. One of these ways would involve sipping a hot cup of tea after a long day. 

The last content marketing medium involves vlogging. Creating visual content through videos is a great way to increase your visibility and grow your brand. There are lots of video sites on the internet to choose from like YouTube and Vimeo. Once you’ve created content, make sure to do the same search engine optimization so that people can find your content easily. Invest in a great camera and use good lighting. These two elements will take you very far. 

3. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is much more involved than just posting your product on Facebook. In order to be effective with this marketing strategy, you want to consider this type of strategy an entire campaign. For starters, you might want to choose one or two social media platforms and stick to those two at first. As you begin to master them, you can include other platforms. Start by taking high-quality, captivating pictures. Tell a story through your photos and make sure everything looks cohesive. People on social media want to feel like they’re buying into an experience instead of getting spammed with another product. Once you have created an enticing brand, people will eventually opt in and try out your products or services. 

Internet marketing can be complex to the beginner and there is a learning curve. However, as long as you keep a pulse on what your audience responds to, you’ll be able to deliver and see results. We personally found a great company in our area by simply searching “internet marketing Portland Oregon” and hired Oregon Web solutions. We couldn’t be happier.